About Process

I create limited editions of digital pigment prints that are signed and numbered in the longstanding tradition of fine art printmaking (such as lithographs and serigraphs).  Although I am making multiples, each edition is original and finite—I don’t continue printing copies when the edition has expired. Though I use photographic images and computer software, the prints are conceived and produced in the same painstaking manner as any printmaking process. Starting with a digital camera image or a scan from film, I apply my knowledge of photographic printmaking techniques and my long experience in color matching and offset printing to produce richly colored and highly detailed images. It usually requires three Artist Proofs before I'm satisfied that an edition is ready to print.  All the subsequent prints are signed and numbered as they come off the printer.  Editions are printed and mounted in my studio, using archival materials.  


A note on color:  I have made every effort to reproduce the images on the website as close to their original colors as possible. But colors are altered when seen on a monitor, as the light source is projected through the image instead of reflected off the surface. The actual prints may appear slightly darker and more saturated depending on your video setup.




A good place to work.

All words and images @2013 Anne-Catherine Fallen.