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Local Color

Local Color 1 (Chard)

Local Color 2 (Lima beans)

Local Color 3 (Yellow onions)

Local Color 4 (Mushrooms)

Local Color 5 (Paperwhites)

Local Color 6 (Rose of Sharon)

Local Color 7 (Pink dahlia)

Local Color 8 (Peonies)

Local Color 9 (Peppers)

Local Color 10 (Azaleas)

Local Color 11 (Swamp mallow)

Local Color 

“Local color” is a term used by artists to describe the “true” color of an object seen in daylight and separated from everything else.  In fact, color is usually perceived—and subtly altered—by the colors that surround it. Using the flowers, fruits, and vegetables from local gardens and markets, these images take a playful look at color relationships while acknowledging that we need to pay attention to what is in front of us—everything is local.


About the Edition

Each image is produced in a limited edition of 50 archival pigment prints, photographed and printed by the artist.  All images are printed on acid free art paper and framed using museum quality conservation materials, including UV filtering non-glare acrylic. The color of the wooden frame is burgundy.

Prints 1–8
Two 5" x 5" images on a 16” x 10½” sheet
Frame outside edge 17" x 11½”  
Framed  $155
Unframed  $105

Prints 9–11
Three 5" x 5" images on a 10" x 21½" sheet        
Frame outside edge 11" x 22½"   
Framed  $175
Unframed  $125



Local Color Prints 1–8

Local Color Prints 1–8

Local Color Prints 9–11

Local Color Prints 9–11

All words and images @2013 Anne-Catherine Fallen.