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Long view

Long View 1 (New Zealand Winter)

Long View 2 (Shenandoah Spring)

Long View 3 (Vermont Summer)

Long View 4 (Potomac Fall)

Long View 5 (Virginia Summer)

Long View 6 (California Fall)


What is it about a scenic view that inspires wonder? Do beautiful vistas have the potential to soothe and heal? In these landscapes, infused with the power and peace of Mother Earth, I invite you to step back and take the Long View.


About the Edition

Each image is produced in a limited edition of 20 archival pigment prints, photographed and printed by the artist. All images are printed on acid free art paper and framed using museum quality conservation materials, including UV filtering non-glare acrylic. The beveled metal frame is black. Unframed prints are also available.

32" x 16" image
Frame outside edge 34.5" x 18.5" 
Framed prints are $475.
Unframed prints are $325. 

Long View 3 Frame Sample_©acfallen.png

All words and images @2013 Anne-Catherine Fallen.