Orange 1 (Mango peach, left)

Orange 2 (Mango peach, right)


Orange 3 (Tulip)

Orange 4 (Peach basket)

Orange 5 (Zinnia)

Orange 6 (Wild raspberries)

Orange 7 (Tulip, left)

Orange 8 (Tulip, right)

Orange 9 (Ranunculus)

Orange 10 (Rose)


If any color could sing, it would be orange. Brash, happy, and vital, orange is the color of fire, peaches, turmeric, nasturtiums, and even tulips.  It’s the show-off color—from orange hair to orange prison uniforms, it wants to be noticed.  In Hinduism and Buddhism, it’s the color of holiness. And, though scientists might argue the point, to most of us it’s the color of the sun, source of the light and warmth that makes life on this planet possible.  Sometimes the energy of orange can be so intense, it’s difficult to reproduce in a print.  It just wants to jump off the paper. And sing.

About the Edition

Each image is produced in a limited edition of archival pigment prints, photographed, printed, and mounted on wooden panels by the artist. An archival, UV filtering varnish is used to coat the prints before mounting.

Orange #1 to #6
12" x 12"
Edition of 20 each
Mounted prints are $295. 

Orange #7 to #10
24" x 24"
Edition of 10 each
Mounted prints are $525.

All words and images @2013 Anne-Catherine Fallen.