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Paris Leaves

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Paris Leaves

No songs celebrate November in Paris, but the city has a melancholy allure at this time of year. Tourists have gone home, the busy commercial salons are over, and Parisians reclaim their neighborhood bars. A promenade along ancient streets is the perfect way to cast off the river chill. Everywhere in Paris—from the allées to the quays—a carpet of leaves lies under foot. Their shapes and colors against the cobblestones and sidewalks are graphically intriguing but also hint at time passing. In this most beautiful of cities, a fallen leaf marks a memory.

A note on the leaves:  The chestnut may be the best-known tree of Paris, but the most common is the Platane à Feuille d'Érable (Maple Leaf Plane), known everywhere else in the world as the London Plane tree.  The French prune Plane trees meticulously to create lush, sculpted canopies that line boulevards throughout the country. The leaves in this series are all Plane (not plain!).


Paris Leaves 1 to 9

Each image is produced in a limited edition of 25 archival pigment prints, photographed and printed by the artist. All images are printed on acid free art paper and framed using museum quality conservation materials, including UV filtering non-glare acrylic. The color of the wooden frame is charcoal gray. 

15" x 15" image on a 24" x 30" sheet
Frame outside edge 27" x 33" 
Framed prints are $365.
Unframed prints are $225. 




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All words and images @2013 Anne-Catherine Fallen.