Chasing Rainbows


We had several dramatic thunderstorms last week—'tis the season! Heat and humidity build to such a pitch that late afternoon storms are a relief. I love to walk outside immediately after a storm. The damp air is fresh and charged with energy, and if I'm very lucky, there will be a rainbow. Then I run back inside for my cameras (the iPhone has become a companion to my Nikon) and the chase begins. Because I live in the lee of a hill surrounded by trees, finding a vantage point is always a challenge. As I go running down (or up!) the hill, I think of that elusive pot of gold that is supposedly hidden at the base of the rainbow. The only treasure I'm seeking is the rainbow itself, and sometimes a clear view is hard to locate. Rainbows vanish quickly, so I have to work fast. As I look through the viewfinder, I realize what a beautiful illusion is being created from droplets of water and sunlight. Another reminder to take a deep breath and enjoy the show.