Signs are beginning to appear. Fat bumblebees asleep on curling basil leaves. Bushy purple Asters and tall spikes of Goldenrod overtaking the garden. Arcs of drying wood oats catching the late afternoon sun. Autumn. The equinox this week gives us one day of balance before our hemisphere starts its tilt towards darkness. In our region, we ease into the season, with cool mornings, warm afternoons, and late harvests. But the first chill sends a signal to get ready, to pull in, to prepare. I find  myself wanting to cook a lot of the wonderful produce that is the bounty of the fall, not to eat right now but to save for later. There must be something in my DNA that is letting me know it's time to hoard for the cold months ahead (even though I live in a world where strawberries are available all year round). Winter isn't here yet, though. I still have delicious cool days (and delicious warm apple pies) to enjoy. And my favorite season for long walks and reflection.