Blank Walls


My husband has been helping me install new track lighting in my studio. Actually, he's the electrician, so I've been helping him. The lights are new LED daylight spots, providing clear, consistent, and efficient illumination throughout the space. Suddenly I have all the light I need at any time of the day. I also have a lot of blank, white walls. In preparation for the installation, I took down my old work. I use the walls as a way to test my vision as well as check the quality of an image. If I have an idea, I'll create a print and tack it on the wall to see if it speaks to me. Some of the pieces I took down were for a series I finished last fall, but most of the walls held proofs from older series, or single images I loved and thought might lead to something else, but didn't. Now the walls are as bright and blank as the snow-covered garden, and I wonder what will grow in both spaces. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what emerges with the Spring thaw.