My two grandsons keep me alert and alive (there is no better incentive for staying in shape). Every minute with them is a chance to reconnect with the excitement of discovery and the enjoyment of everyday life. Whether it's the three year old molding animals out of modeling beeswax or the ten month old pulling all the dishtowels out of the bottom kitchen drawer, each moment is an experiment. On their recent trip to our house, we visited the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, and I got to share their amazement. What an interesting world we live in, full of insects and fish and mammals and minerals. We visited the dinosaur bones (of course!), and spent a delightful half hour in the butterfly pavilion being swooped upon by large Blue Morphos. In the ocean hall, both boys stood transfixed in front of the coral reef. The baby stayed quite still, watching the colorful fish swoop and curl in front of him. They seemed as interested to observe him as he did them. Watching him watch them, I could share his sense of wonder. As adults we tend to forget how beautiful life is, whether its a blue butterfly, or a blue fish, or a curious blond baby in a blue shirt.