On the first sunny morning after a week of rain, I headed out to the garden to get started on the fall cleanup. With the soil still soggy, I could pull out the remains of my beans and tomatoes and wrestle out some of the toughest weeds. I noticed I wasn’t the only one hard at work, though. There’s not much left in flower, but the bumble bees and butterflies were clamoring for position on the passionflower vines. I watched one bee weave in and out of the petals in a frenzy, covering itself with pollen. I understood completely! Passionflowers are among my favorite flowers to photograph—their complexity and color draw my eye and challenge me to capture their sensuous appeal. Like the bumble bees, I can’t get enough of them. But I’ve finally finished a series of prints of passionflowers on nine different colors that I’m releasing as an unlimited edition. It should keep my appetite in check till next year.

Please discover my new Passionflower edition.