There weren’t many pauses during the Thanksgiving holiday, as our two grandsons (aged two and four) filled the days with their curiosity and exuberance. They also ate a lot! The two-year-old is especially keen on his meals, taking the time to sit and savor every bite of the food he likes, especially pie. I expected he would inhale it the way his older brother did, but instead he took tiny bites, placing each forkful on his tongue, and letting it melt there before swallowing. He seemed mesmerized by the flavors and textures, and watching him, I couldn’t help but slow down and pay attention to my own dessert. We are so quick to experience everything now—to cook fast, eat hurriedly, exchange information in shorthand, move on to the next thing. Our attention spans seem shorter than a toddler's! So despite the amount of work it took to prepare all the meals, it was a treat to sit with the whole family sharing slow food and slow conversation. Later, I was delighted to discover that the same grandson had arranged the vintage Fisher Price figures (the “guys,” as he calls them) around a table to share his snack. Maybe we have a budding chef in the family!