It’s not just the lighter traffic that’s letting me know summer is ending—it’s the light. Only a few weeks away from the autumnal equinox, the days are getting shorter and the angle of the sun is changing. As I walk around my house and garden, I’m suddenly arrested by a splash of bright light that wasn’t there last week, or longer shadows across the walk. It makes me wonder about the subtle effects of changing light on my senses and on my moods. I recently watched a fascinating video, Flight of the Butterflies, that taught me quite a lot about the amazing long-distance migration of monarchs. Diminishing light is what triggers their movement south, and they navigate using the changing position of the sun. We humans like to think we’re not influenced by sunlight, but I feel restless this time of year (and it has nothing to do with going back to school). Maybe there’s some secret refuge I’m supposed to head towards? Actually, I usually pick up my camera and head for the hills as often as I can in September. The crystal light heightens contrast, and even familiar landscapes are suddenly transformed. That's worth a trip!