Icy Landscape


Arctic air has moved into the neighborhood, and the storm windows in my bedroom are sometimes coated with ice in the morning. Ours is a lovely old house with efficient steam heat but slightly leaky upstairs windows, so a bit of moisture escapes into the cavity. I never know what to expect when I pull up the shades. Since I don’t have to commute in the cold (the biggest advantage of working at home is walking downstairs to my studio office in winter), I can take a few moments to linger over the ice images that appear on the glass.  From just a few water molecules, crystals grow like magic. They form into the most amazing shapes—shards, sprays, fingers, petals, veins, ferns, tracks. Taken as a whole, the window has become an imaginary landscape, and I can pick out hills and trails, trees and rocks. The crystals have been busy during the night! And I get busy with my camera.