Well Loved


It’s Valentine’s Day and our thoughts turn to—chocolate! No, even though this is a big week for chocolate, card, and flower retailers, the point of all the fuss is love—or more precisely, recognizing the ones we love. Valentine’s Day is a celebration that has been hijacked by romantic love—and there’s lots to say in favor of Romance—but I like to remember all the ones I love, especially my family. So it was our great good fortune to be with our son and his family last weekend for a Valentine brunch. There are no limits to the love a small child feels, and the body-scrunching hugs and hand-painted cards I got from my two enthusiastic grandsons will keep me going till the next visit. As adults, we learn to guard our hearts, so it is a boost to be around such spontaneous and freely-demonstrated affection. As I was packing to go home, I saw their favorite stuffed animals resting side-by-side on our bed. It dawned on me that I was feeling just the way they looked—a bit soft and worn around the edges, but very well loved.

Happy Valentine's Day!