Figs and Financiers


This is the time of year when making dessert gets really interesting at my house. Despite an otherwise strong commitment to healthy eating, dessert is often on the menu—reasonable, healthy desserts, of course, but I’ll use any excuse for a session of baking therapy. With all the fruits available this time of year, I get a little carried away. In the past week I’ve made peach tart, dark chocolate cake with cherry brandy sauce, peach shortcake, and cherry clafoutis (we’ve also eaten lots of plain blueberries and cantaloupe, but no baking was involved). Then a friend brought me fresh figs, and I can get quite ecstatic about figs. They are so delicious on their own that I decided not to bake them into anything. Instead I tried out a recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s new dessert cook book, Baking Chez Moi, to go with them. I had just gotten some matcha (green tea) powder, and I remembered Greenspan has a recipe for matcha financiers. Figs and financiers? Why not. Financiers are a staple of French patisseries, a small, firm "cupcake" made with egg whites, sugar, almond flour, and brown butter. Who knows what prompted me to pair matcha with the figs, but the combination of flavors and contrast of textures was inspired. I was also rewarded with a visual bonus—their colors matched perfectly! Here are links to Dorie Greenspan's recipes for regular financiers and matcha financiers.  But you'll have to find your own source for the figs.