There's nothing like a toddler frolicking in a fountain to bring out the delight in everyone watching. On our recent trip to the West Coast, we took an urban hike through downtown LA, expertly guided by our daughter-in-law. We ended up at the beautiful, new Grand Park, where an astounding fountain invites wading and splashing. Our grandson couldn't resist, and his antics kept his family and the nearby cafe crowd in chuckles. As adults, we can be so guarded about expressing our curiosity and joy, as if responding spontaneously might reveal our vulnerability and compromise our dignity. But being around a child certainly provides plenty of opportunities for exuberance. Laughter is the best antidote to stress, and the laughter of a child is irresistible. I once boarded a plane that had been delayed by bad weather, and the passengers were tired and tense. A family with two small children had been seated first, and as the rest of us struggled to be civil as we stowed our bags, a sudden gurgle of giggles erupted from the back. One little boy was laughing uncontrollably, and the pure happiness in the sound relaxed everyone who heard it. I watched people visibly soften and smile, as if they were setting aside a burden. It struck me that the airlines should record the laughter and play it each time passengers are getting on the plane. It would be very effective at lightening the mood, and not as messy as a fountain. But a bout of splashing in a sunlit fountain (with or without a toddler) is guaranteed to awaken the playful spirit that dwells in each of us.