It's Halloween and the neighborhood is decorated to entertain—and terrify—the trick-or-treaters. Skeletal hands emerge from pristine front lawns and gruesome heads hang from ornamental cherry trees, and that certainly frightens me! What attracts me, though, are the Halloween lighting schemes, which on some houses are even more elaborate than at Christmas. Bright strings of orange lights shine out everywhere, and this year I've noticed a new trend—purple lights as contrast. Orange and purple glowing in the dark—a powerful color combination and one of my favorites. So what better time to introduce a new edition—"Orange." This edition features orange flowers and fruits, some of which are contrasted with purple, a color that brings out the "zing" of orange. I'm also introducing a larger panel size—2' x 2'—with two orange tulips designed to complement one another. I'm tempted to say, "Trick or treat!" but there are no tricks here, only the treat of warm, vibrant "Orange."