Craving Color


When people talk about their cravings, they’re usually referring to something they want to eat or drink. I readily admit dark chocolate fits that role in my life. But “crave,” which combines desire with demand (in fact its origin, from the Old English “cravian” means to claim as a right) is the word I use to describe my pursuit of color in my work—I crave color! It can be subtle (the soft hint of green on the petal of a white gladiola) or dramatic (the contrast of an orange tulip on a purple background), but color is what motivates me to pick up my camera and it guides my eye as I produce my prints. In my Local Color edition, I played with the colors of flowers and fruit to show how our perceptions change when colors are presented in different combinations. And when I photograph in my studio, I shift the background colors until I find just the right combination that expresses the essence of my subject. In my haphazard garden, the colors are generally subdued, so a little color drama stands out. This mix of purple Persian shield and cherry red petunias in a turquoise planter is just the thing to satisfy my craving—this week!