From Dormancy to Harvest


Photographing at Linden Vineyards on a sunny October Saturday, I couldn’t help but feel bereft. The grapes have all been picked (with the exception of the late season Vidal), and the vines are beginning to wear their autumn mantle. It won’t be long before they go into dormancy for another winter. The harvested grapes are well on their way to becoming another fine vintage (2016!). The timing coincides with the end of the exhibition of my prints at Linden (the show closes on November 7, 2016). It has been a lovely, long run, and I’ve been invigorated by the warm responses to my work. But now it's time to move on to new work and new horizons. When I first put up the show in March, the vines were still dormant. I’ve gotten to observe the labor of the vineyard and photograph the vines through all their phases. It’s given me a deep appreciation of the attention and effort it takes to produce their fabulous wines. My heartfelt gratitude to Shari, Jim, and all the wonderful team at Linden Vineyards for letting me be part of their family for an entire season.

“Turning towards the Light: Portraits of Flowers" closes on November 7, 2016.                          Linden Vineyards is open for viewing and tasting Friday to Monday, 11 to 5. See photos of the exhibition on my Linden page.