Small Encounters


Coming up to my front door with an armload of groceries, I noticed something pink shimmering in an unexpected shaft of sunlight. This is the shady part of the garden, but the trees have started thinning and the angle of the sun is changing daily. I went over to investigate and discovered a stunning rose just asking to be photographed. This will probably be the last one of the year, and I had almost missed it. Funny how these small gems of nature cross our paths every day and we often overlook them—a red leaf floating in a sky blue puddle; an orange rose glowing from the inside; the bottom of a cut cabbage forming a perfect rosette. I’ve been collecting these brief encounters for a long time, and have decided to issue a new edition of small prints to celebrate them. I’m starting with just a dozen, though I have hundreds. Sometimes we just need a little reminder that we’re alive to enjoy the moment. That’s why we need Small Encounters.

Most of the images from my blog, "& More," fall into this category of small encounters. If there's a particular image that resonates, I'd be happy to print it in this format. Just contact me.