It’s exciting to install a show, even if it is a lot of detailed, exhausting work. I spent a long day yesterday mounting 30 prints of different sizes on the walls of the reception and tasting rooms at Linden Vineyards. Linden is one of Virginia's premiere winemakers, producing elegant French-style wines that express unique "terroir"—that enigma of soil, climate, and grapes that makes all wine individual to its place of origin. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, only an hour from DC on I-66, the vineyard is a small jewel. Although they have earned an international reputation for the quality of their wines, the Linden welcome is down-to-earth and friendly. They enjoy sharing their wines with visitors, and they enjoy sharing the walls of their beautiful facility with Virginia artists. I am privileged to have my work there until the end of June. If you have the opportunity, take a restorative drive through the Virginia countryside to discover my latest work and Linden’s delicious wines. Sipping wine while viewing art has to be one of life’s great pleasures!

Turning Towards the Light: Portraits of Flowers—March 1 to June 30, 2016                     

Be sure to check in with the Linden website to verify times and get directions.