Fast Forward


It’s happening again. Suddenly morning light is flooding the corner of my bedroom. Purple crocuses explode across neighborhood lawns and foot-high daffodils are blooming. The stellar magnolia buds are swelling, and I hear people asking about the cherry blossoms. With next weekend’s dreaded shift to Daylight Savings Time, I’ll be eating my late dinner before the sun goes down. And with the vernal equinox on March 20, it will be official—spring! Wasn’t I just shoveling snow off the driveway last week? I’m just not ready! When I installed my show at Linden Vineyards last week, the vintner and his assistants were busy hand pruning the vines. They were hurrying, knowing that all it takes is a few warm days (like the weather predicted for this week) to wake up the vines. Grapes have their own timetable, as does all of nature. What’s mine, I wonder? What’s the equivalent for me of pruning the vines? Well, I can start by cleaning up my studio after all the work on my show. Then I’ll just have to wait for what is dormant to reawaken. Maybe I’ll be surprised!